Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers have become one of the easiest ways to contain small fires. A portable fire extinguisher can be mounted and installed virtually anywhere your home, office, convenience store, kitchen, restaurant, cars, boats, you get the picture. Before using a portable fire extinguisher its a great idea to get fire extinguisher training, to learn the differences between fire extinguisher classes and why each fire extinguisher is designed for specific fires depending on the hazardous material, gas or fuel that is burning on fire. A Portable fire extinguisher company provides you with complete fire extinguisher services available.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales

We have created a list of all available portable fire extinguishers for sale. From Amerex, Badger, Buckeye, Kidde and more you learn of all models of portable fire extinguishers currently for sale on the internet & available for purchase. Please contact us if you have questions regarding specific portable fire extinguishers.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

Servicing your portable fire extinguishers is essential. Each time your portable fire extinguisher is discharged, used in a fire and/or with every one year annual period you will need to have your portable fire extinguisher serviced. Service on your portable fire extinguisher may include recharging your portable fire extinguisher, refilling your portable fire extinguisher, replacing gaskets, hoses, gauges, clamps, cylinder and the annual service required on portable fire extinguishers which includes refill, recharge, and annual test and inspection adhering to NFPA 10 Standards & Codes and local Municipal Fire Codes.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Parts

Portable fire extinguishers may require replacement parts over time and with use. There are many parts available for various fire extinguishers. A portable fire extinguisher company will provide a complete inventory of cylinders, hoses, clamps, gauges, springs, triggers and much more for the various portable fire extinguishers that are available on today's market.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Installation

Portable fire extinguishers due to their compact size can be installed virtually anywhere. At home they can be installed in garages, sheds, kitchens, bathrooms and even your cars, boats, recreation vehicles & RVs.

Commercial business owners may be required by Insurance Companies, Federal, OSHA, State, and City Fire Codes to install portable, fixed and possibly wheeled unit fire extinguishers in their place of business. You will notice them almost anywhere schools, hospitals, libraries, hotels, motels, malls, convenience stores, gas stations, hair salons, restaurants, kitchens, fast food restaurants, banks, hardware stores and almost all franchise and corporate stores.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Refilling : Refills

Refilling your portable fire extinguisher should be completed after each use, discharge of extinguishing fluid or each one annual period (1 year) to refill your portable fire extinguisher per NFPA 10 Standards and Codes and for many commercial business owners Fire Codes.

The refilling of your portable fire extinguisher will refill your fire extinguisher cylinder with carbon dioxide (CO2 ), or various other chemicals required by the portable fire extinguisher class.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Recharging : Recharge

The recharge of your portable fire extinguisher can easily be seen on many portable fire extinguishers for sale. The gauge will show a reading generally in the red when a recharge is required for your portable fire extinguisher.

Recharging your portable fire extinguishers is similar to refilling a fire extinguisher always make sure the fire extinguisher company recharges with the proper fire extinguishing chemicals for the class of fire extinguisher being recharged.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance

Portable fire extinguishers will require annual (1 year) maintenance, annual (1 year) tests and annual (1 year) inspections to be completed by a licensed fire extinguisher company according to NFPA 10 Standards & Codes and per the recommended schedule and/or frequency set by the fire extinguisher manufacturer.

This helps ensure your portable fire extinguisher will be ready for use in case of fire. Many portable fire extinguisher companies will provide you with an annual service agreement to maintain your portable fire extinguishers. This will help many commercial business owners comply with Insurance Companies, Federal, OSHA, State, and City Fire Codes. Please contact us with any questions.

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