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Extinguisher Cabinet : 1770 Series

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Portable Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Potter Roemer Model: 1770 Series

Potter Roemer Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Potter Roemer Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
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Potter Roemer
Portable Portable Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Model: 1770 Series
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Potter Roemer Portable Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Product Details:

For use with 5 or 10 lb (2.3 or 4.5 kg) Portable Fire Extinguisher
Function: 1770 Series cabinets accommmodate a portable fire extinguisher. All bubble door styles have a projecting convex polycarbonate panel enclosing the extinguisher.

Regularly Furnished: 20 ga. box, 20 ga. tubluar steel door with 18 ga. frame and a continuous steel hinge(brass pin). Steel corner seams welded and ground smooth. Recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets are furnished with .125"(0.31cm) radiused frame. Semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets are furnished with rolled radius. All components are powder-coated with an electrostatically-applied, thermally-fused, recoatable white polyester finish. Wall mounting and size of cabinet as selected by model number.

Optional Materials: Door and Frame available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass or bronze. When optional materials are specified, recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets are furnished with square edges. Red powder-coated finish available. When red finish is specified for door and frame, the box remians white except for surface mounted cabinets.
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Potter Roemer
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